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Sample of Three Underwater Camera ProductsInsite Pacific Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a range of advanced underwater video systems capable of operating to full Ocean Depth.

Zeus HDTV Color Zoom Camera

New Product

Zeus Plus HDTV Color Zoom: 
This new addition to our product line is perfect for detailed underwater documentation tasks.
It consists of a 1,000 line horizontal resolution, High Definition (HDTV) Color Zoom 3-CCD camera,packaged for 3,000m or 7,000m depths in a titanium pressure housing. It incorporates a glass hemispherical viewport with proprietary corrected optics which virtually eliminates geometric and chromatic distortion, and a 10:1 super wide angle zoom lens with a 93 degree diagonal angle of view (approximately).

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New Product
Nova Miniature Color CCD Video
Camera with Integral LED Light Ring
The N0VA has a high resolution color CCD sensor providing outstanding picture quality and performance in a very compact housing. The integral light ring illuminates objects up to several meters away. It is ideal for mounting on ROV manipulators, for down-hole video and for remote tooling applications where providing external lighting is difficult if not impossible.
The camera features a fixed focus, wide angle lens and requires no external controls in normal operation. Optional control of the LED lighting can be provided. The Nova is Ideal for applications where size is of critical importance, but high image quality is also a requirement.
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New Product
Titan Tilt & Rotate,
Color Zoom Camera
The TITAN is a color zoom camera with a continuous horizontal rotation, and 180 degrees tilt (Digital-Flip at 90 degrees) which insures that surveillance is constant and continuous. The camera can deliver 480-line color images in light as low as 1 lux and when selected using the System Controller high resolution (570-line) B/W images in extremely low light of 0.06 lux. A 22X optical zoom lens plus 10X digital zoom lens provides for a total zoom capacity of 220X.
The camera can be provided in a 3,000m or 7,000m titanium pressure housing. A glass hemispherical viewport provides excellent video quality.
Using the System Controller and built in joystick positioner, the operator maintains complete remote control of the camera lens, tilt, rotate, and many other functions.
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New Product

Scorpio Plus Digital Still TV Camera: 
This latest addition to our product line is a professional digital still color TV camera that uses a 3.34 megapixel CCD to provide ultrahigh definition (2.048 x 1.536 pixel) still images. "Through the lens" color video output not only allows the operator to accurately frame still images, but it also can be used for video documentation. This camera features a 4 X Zoom lens (38mm to 115mm in 35mm format), the ability to download digital images in USB format without opening the camera, and corrected optics that virtually eliminates geometric and chromatic distortion. The Scorpio is perfect for applications involving underwater documentation, inspection in restricted acces areas, and marine archaeology.

Atlas Professional 850 ;ome 3-CCD Brpadcast Qia;otu TVNew Product Atlas:
A professional 850 horizontal resolution, 3-CCD broadcast quality TV camera with superb underwater-corrected optics and 14X Zoom Lens.
Orion Color 12:1 Zoom UW TV CameraNew Product Pegasus: 
A color 18:1 zoom camera with macro auto focus capabilities. Features improved low light sensitivity. Excellent for close up or stand off inspection video.
A very compact, high resolution, monochrome (black & white) CCD camera with an electronic iris, fixed focus, and a wide-angle lens. Well suited for surveillance in harsh environments to 3000m depth.
 Gemini Underwater SIT TV Camera Gemini: 
For use in extreme low light conditions using SIT (Silicon Intensified Target) technology.
Orion Color Camera:
A wide angle (approx 90º diagonal), Color camera with
fixed focal length, and
composite or S-VHS (Y/C) output packaged in a 3,000m or 7,000m titanium pressure housing.
Mercury Low Light Level SIT Camera
For use in low light conditions where the ultimate light sensitivity of a SIT camera is not required. It provides high resolution images for inspection and navigation purposes.
Orion Color Camera (Click to Enlarge)
A very small size monochrome, low light CCD camera with Fixed focus, wide angle lens, packaged in a 4,000m or 7,000m titanium housing. It is ideal for use with remote underwater manipulators.
Miniprobe Size Compared with Size of Wrist Watch: Click to see larger image. MINIPROBE:
A monochrome (black & white) CCD underwater camera, only 10cm long and ideal for use on subsea structures such as tooling packages, manipulator feedback instrumentation, and other applications where a small, lightweight camera is required.

An extrememly compact, high resolution, color CCD camera with fixed focus, and a wide angle lens
packaged for depths of 4,000m or 7,000m in a titanium housing

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